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We are looking for ambitious people wanting to build their business within our business.

Become an Affiliate Auctioneer

Our philosophy is simple: Provide our bidders with the auctions they want and the exceptional buying experience they have come to expect.

Through this philosophy and thousands of auctions, has experienced incredible growth fueled by our network of high-quality independent affiliates. We are currently expanding our affiliate network and are interested in developing affiliate relationships in your area.

What Is an Independent Affiliate?

Affiliates are business entities that use as a venue to present online auctions to a large audience of buyers. Affiliates are responsible for all aspects of their business; from adhering to state and federal laws, collecting and submitting sales tax, and contracting with and paying consignors. Since these businesses are not agents or franchises of Equip-Bid they are not constrained by sales quotas or territories and can operate their business when and where they choose.

Affiliates manage the auction process from start to finish and are typically compensated on a commission/fee basis that is agreed upon with the seller. Affiliates are responsible for developing their asset supply lines and seller relationships. These relationships vary by the affiliate, but we have seen the primary sources of assets are:

  • Accepting consignments for one or more sellers and hosting the auction at the affiliate business location.
  • Contracting and conducting on-site auctions at the seller’s location.
  • Procuring their own supply line of assets to sell and using as an outlet for these assets.

Why Join the Network?

Growing Demand – Joining the affiliate network puts you on the fast track to an industry that is growing at a rapid pace. Auctions have evolved into the digital age as the switch to online venues and bidding platforms have brought in a new wave of buyers and sellers. Online auctions are quickly becoming one of the most time and cost-effective ways for individuals and businesses to efficiently liquidate used assets.

Software – Equip-Bid’s bidding platform is not only easy and convenient for buyers; affiliates have full autonomy in conducting auctions from start to finish with multiple tools available to help expedite the process. From pre-auction formatting to post-auction settlement creation, the software was developed with the auctioneer's experience and efficiency in mind.

Support – We recognize that when our Affiliates succeed, we all succeed. 13+ years of experience in the industry has provided us with the experience and know-how to successfully manage online auctions. Through direct training, tutorials and videos we are able to pass that knowledge on and assist new affiliates how and when they need it. You won't need to start from scratch in starting your business, and that can make all the difference. We've established the name and brand of Equip-Bid, and we want you to partner with us to take that foundation to new heights.

Buyers – Auctions are a numbers game. Simply posting an auction on puts your auction in front of a massive audience of motivated buyers. Equip-Bid will always be committed to bringing in new buyers through our comprehensive and multi-faceted marketing strategies.

Reputation – We take pride in the fact that we are able to facilitate a venue that can assist individuals to launch and sustain their own independently owned businesses, and it is not a responsibility that we take lightly. Every decision we make is based on the integrity of our product and the reputation of our website. Those joining the affiliate network are agreeing to uphold that reputation and stand to benefit from a growing community of buyers and sellers that depend on it.

Fill out this form to contact us for more information regarding our affiliate program.

What You Get When You're an Affiliate

Equip-Bid gives sellers the upper hand by putting their auction in front of thousands of ready and willing buyers each day. But that’s not all Equip-Bid will do for you.

  • No sales commissions, you get 100% of sales price
  • Minimal setup fees
  • No longterm commitment
  • Online only auction 24/7
  • Cloud based listing app for affiliates
  • Custom promotions and advertising
  • Potential lead generator
  • Training: in person, groups, and online videos
  • Group purchasing power
  • Payments go directly to you
  • Support from Equip-Bid and fellow affiliates
  • Instant website with unique URL
  • With a paid subscription to, we can auto feed your auction items to it
  • Organized scheduled pick-up times

How Auctions Work

Online auctions are incredibly flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of the seller. When you work as an independent affiliate, the auction process typically looks like this:

  • Discuss the project and get a complete picture of the assets and evaluate any potential hurdles.
  • Contract is signed with the agreed terms and logistics for the auction.
  • Auction is live, bidding and auction promotion begins.
  • Auction closes, winning bidders pay online and are alerted to schedule a pick up.
  • Auction settlement detailed listing of items sold.

BUILD your auction online > BUYERS BID on your auction > you COLLECT your money

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